Sparking interest…

Recently I listed to #hashtag authentic episode 36 with Megan Auman in which they discussed the power of Pinterest. I’m a huge fan of Pinterest, both personally and for business and really loved the useful points raised by Megan in the podcast. She mentioned using adobe spark as a quick and easy app to add … More Sparking interest…

Possibly the best podcast I’ve ever listened to?

Oh don’t mind me, just crushing on Me & Orla’s podcast, #hashtagauthentic yet again. As I’ve written before I tend to dip in and out of podcasts, just picking to listen to the topics I find particularly interesting. And I know I’ve already harped on about how amazing I find this podcast, but I’ve listened to … More Possibly the best podcast I’ve ever listened to?

Party Vibes!

Nope, we’re not talking shots & staying out till 4am before shovelling carbs into your face. We’re talking party bags, balloons, dinosaurs, pirates. Yep – kids’ parties! We’ve recently added our first kid’s party invitation to etsy and thought we would celebrate in our favourite way… With a Pinterest board of course! Whether you’re looking … More Party Vibes!


  I was recently at a workshop with an expert Instagram speaker and one of the creatives in the audience asked about ‘bots’ & people following, to unfollow you a few days later. The creative in question asked if she should block these people… ‘What?!’ I found myself saying in my head. Why would you block … More Insta-feels

Studio Inspiration

Well I’m not sure if it’s the turning of the seasons or the mountains of cardboard boxes, but I’m really feeling the need to shake up my studio space. I definitely need to take the plunge and get some more storage because at the minute I have samples in boxes, which although it’s not a … More Studio Inspiration