5 ways to make your packaging too cute to open…

As well as working on my invitation & place name business I’ve also been clearing out my closet & selling my unwanted clothes on eBay. Of course, I  love taking the opportunity to make the packaging adorable! I’ve been enjoying receiving lovely reviews on eBay & from clerks at the post office!.So I wanted to put a little list together of some cost effective ways I make my packaging pop.

  1. Manners don’t cost a penny, honey! I bought some really cute little ‘lunchbox’ love notes from paper chase. Some are probably a little too risqué to pop in a parcel to clients, but the rest are a really nice and pretty cost effective way to write a little note of thanks. Paper chase also have loads of other thank you note cards if you’d rather go for something more universal. Again, you could always make a branded version
  2. No issue with tissue… There are so many beautiful designs of tissue paper out there. You don’t need me to tell you that! Save money by being a complete nana like me & saving lovely pieces of paper in a little draw ready to wrap anything that needs it! Look out for sales & tissues used by stores when you by something fragile or order online. There’s also a bunch of places out there who will custom print tissue for you. Cheaper than personalised boxes or card packaging and a really pretty way to show your brand.
  3. Repurpose packaging – I love repurposing packaging because it has so many benefits. You’re getting something built for purpose. Think about what the packaging was originally used for and if possible, use it again for a similar item. If you’re lucky and treated your packaging nicely then the protective elements will have been preserved too. You’re saving the planet! YAY! Why spend money and hurt trees when you could reuse cardboard packaging and make it your own with some extra touches?
  4. Stick ’em up! I bloody love a sticker, I do. Whether they’re super cute paper chase stickers, something you got free or branded, they can really lift the mood of your package. Stickers, along with personalised tissue paper can make all the difference in keeping your parcel on brand even if you’re repurposing packaging. I’ve ordered branded stickers from Vistaprint and been pleased with the results & price. It’s really easy to design your own, or you can choose from existing designs and tweak them.
  5. Write it cute – I usually stick another piece of paper onto my packaging and write the address onto that. It’s a great way to add another pop of colour. AND of course, there’s the chance to do a beautiful calligraphy font. I love to calligraphy pen for the name & then pair that with a chunky font address. So long as there’s no issues with clarity, calligraphy away! If in doubt, make the first line & post code super crisp & clear to ensure your package reaches it’s destination! I try and be creative with the paper too, I’ve used scraps of unused watercolour washed paper or beautiful textured papers to add extra interest.

To finish off, here are some things I love for packaging!

Metallic envelopes – need I say more? Available in a range of hues and sizes, with a bubble lining. Not the cheapest option but come on – they’re metallic!

Paperchase for pretty much everything else, especially; Super cute little thank you notes & stickers

Vistaprint for printed items – they’re great if you make a business card with them, they will suggest other items with the same look which makes design even easier.

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