A lesson in self-doubt

The past couple of weeks have been busy in the one woman world of invitations illustrated. A couple of weeks ago, something great happened – I was contacted for two bespoke commissions within 24 hours.

Both of these requests were a little different to anything I’d done before. Initially I was ecstatic and felt really pleased people had found my work and wanted me to create something just for them. I was excited about the opportunity to push myself & create something amazing.

And then, about 7 minutes later crept in the self doubt.

‘What if I can’t do it?’

‘What if I mess it up?’ etc. etc. etc.

I can’t honestly say I have the answer for beating self doubt & it is something I think I struggle with every time I do take on something totally new. What I do know, is that I just decided to start. I just started working on the two ideas I’d been given. I started sketching for each of them, pencil to paper. In a way it was hard to do when I did have nagging self doubt, but in another way it’s exactly what I needed.

Starting to shape the ideas my customers had given me helped me to build confidence in what I was doing and also gave me work to show them & gain feedback on. And on this occasion both of the clients loved what I’d done. The rough sketches of an idea were able to be formed into the final versions of what my customers had asked for.

So, low and behold the self doubt was completely invalid. I could do it. I didn’t mess it up. And better than that people loved what I’d made.

This has really taught me to try and not put myself down initially, more to concentrate on what I can do rather than telling myself what I can’t.

If I have one piece of advise for any creatives hearing that niggling voice of self-doubt… Just start! Just start pulling ideas together & see how you feel. You’re a creative for a reason & you’re in this space because you’re talented – so believe in yourself!

Some great podcasts to help anyone suffering with self doubt:

Me and Orla (obviously) with Sas Petherick

One Girl Band with Lola Hoad (Episode 4, Episode 19 & Episode 39)

Courage & Spice – Episode 5 Success & Self Doubt

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