Quill London – ink review

I really enjoyed completing the last book review so while I’m working through my next one, I thought it might also be helpful to people to review some products I’ve tried already! For those of you starting out or even more experienced calligraphers and artists it can be really hard to know which products will suit you from the vast array out there.

I’ve purchased from Quill three times now and have been really impressed with the range online and the product quality. Quill is definitely not the cheapest place to purchase items from,  but as with most things – you really do get what you pay for.

as well as the ink stamp pictured, I initially bought a lilac ink, high was absolutely beautiful, however I RUINED it! A word of warning, first and foremost from someone who has been there – take great care not to mix these inks with any metallic pigments. I used the same water for washing my finetec ink brushes as this lavender ink and it completely curdled and is now totally unusable! So sad.

However I realised what I’d done and purchased the ‘naturals’ trio of inks & a neon orange in the sale. Buying the trio doesn’t save much money (60p to be exact), however the colours are well harmonised so it’s a great way to get started on a new colour theme.

The ink so are high quality and pre mixed so unlike some other inks, you won’t need to water them down. The naturals set features winter rose, pale grey & peach. The pale grey is my favourite and has been a staple in my arsenal since I bought it, it’s slso the shade people have complimented most on social media and at shows.

The winter rose is like a burnt, rose terracotta shade. It can look a little muddy on some papers and I think has most impact on white and cream. The peach is pretty and pale, yet somehow has a brightness too. This works best also on white and cream, and there could be issues with clarity on some papers.

Im currently trying to figure out which shades to buy next! I’m thinking maybe the pastel set? Feel free to help me out on this! It’s so hard to pick!


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