Book Review – Nib & Ink

I’ve been lucky enough to acquire some lovely calligraphy books so, I thought it might be helpful to do a couple of reviews of them to help people out considering buying one.

The first book up for review is Nib & ink by Chiara Perano.

The book opens by explaining the basics of the pen and nib set up, before moving into simple drills to get you started on your calligraphy journey.

The drills increase in difficulty to get a novice used to moving the pen. The book then moves on to each letter and then onto complete words. There is plenty of space to practice each letter form, which is perfect for someone just starting out.

The last section of the book moves into little wreath illustrations and examples of projects to undertake with your new calligraphy skills.

I love how this book takes the reader’s hand and leads them through the steps of learning calligraphy for the first time. I really love the slow and steady pace of the book, giving lots of space for the reader to practice each letter form before moving on. Retailing for £12.99 I think it makes a great gift for someone who’s been thinking of taking up calligraphy or as a gift to yourself if you wanted to undertake the hobby.


As someone more experienced with calligraphy, I would say this is a book for a complete first-timer as anyone more experienced won’t gain much from this book, until the full letters & project sections.

There is also a really handy list of suppliers at the back which is great for everyone! Hope you’ve enjoyed this book review & I’ll be back next Tuesday!

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