Sparking interest…

Recently I listed to #hashtag authentic episode 36 with Megan Auman in which they discussed the power of Pinterest. I’m a huge fan of Pinterest, both personally and for business and really loved the useful points raised by Megan in the podcast.

She mentioned using adobe spark as a quick and easy app to add text to images and create captivating Pinterest pins. I’d heard of adobe spark before but wasn’t too sure how to use it or what it was for, but decided now was the time to download & give it a go as I’m such a Pinner!

Okay I love this app. Megan had mentioned how phone-friendly the app was and how easy it was to create images without needing a tablet or laptop. She was so right.

The app presents a library of projects ready to be ‘remixed’ as the app calls it. You can create really effective imagery simply by selecting one of these templates & altering the imagery and text. You can make the remix unique by adjusting the cell & border sizes, colours & fonts.

A really handy part of this app is that you can select a layout specific to the platform you intend to post on. So you can create the perfect ‘tall and narrow’ Pinterest pin, save it and then adjust it into an Instagram square. There’s also a little ‘remix’ button on the layout, which will swap your imagery around the different cells.

Once you’ve created your imagery, you can either post straight to social media or save the post to your camera roll.

Some slight downsides I’ve found is that it can’t be hard to resize cells when working on your phone, especially if you’re attempting to zoom in on a photo and make a certain element bigger. I also have figured out how to add cells when they’ve been deleted and sometimes selecting an element you wish to edit can be tricky if there are many layers.

Ive worked to create some pieces for myself and also for La Couture Bridal, mainly with Pinterest in mind.

I’d love to know how other people find the app and any tricks or tips you could share with me as I am a complete novice! Here’s some of my starting creations…C50688F6-C918-48C4-9098-8D62872181358B69B3D8-7594-4C4F-A20E-81CE92D88A2B848703DA-4284-4E5B-917A-F1AD4245D3EC26DCF9DD-C66F-4EE2-A208-07A463AD40FDAA0B6CA7-7A39-4168-9525-18CA034E1E92


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