Possibly the best podcast I’ve ever listened to?

Oh don’t mind me, just crushing on Me & Orla’s podcast, #hashtagauthentic yet again.

As I’ve written before I tend to dip in and out of podcasts, just picking to listen to the topics I find particularly interesting. And I know I’ve already harped on about how amazing I find this podcast, but I’ve listened to a few episodes in the last few days I’ve found especially helpful.

How to stop caring what everyone thinks

How to stop playing small

Brand styling & the Psychology of colour

How to build a courage habit

As a creative,  trying to get to grips with my business idea and what I want to do, these episodes have each had really relevant lessons for me. They discuss ideas on mindsets, for females in particular and back their theories up with science and facts which I love!

It’s also worth mentioning that I received the news letter about Me & Orla’s hashtags of the month for March and found that really useful. Although many hashtags weren’t relevant to my craft or audience, it was an interesting read to get an insight into what’s trending. So if you’re a creative or budding insta-star I’d recommend signing up.




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