I was recently at a workshop with an expert Instagram speaker and one of the creatives in the audience asked about ‘bots’ & people following, to unfollow you a few days later. The creative in question asked if she should block these people…

‘What?!’ I found myself saying in my head. Why would you block these people? Who cares? Who has time to even notice that certain individuals have stopped following you?

I get it. We all feel good when we get those little notifications advising someone liked our post, or has started following us. But honestly I found the above question so depressing. Since the algorithm came into place, people seem to have gone numbers and engagement crazy.

I’ve recently stopped following another creative, whose work I actually like, because they kept posting ‘begging’ posts – you know the ones. ‘Can you see this?’, ‘My posts aren’t doing well’, ‘Is anyone out there?’

Yes I can see it, and I like your ACTUAL content, not posts with everyone complaining that their posts aren’t doing well or lack of engagement.

Am I the only person who just Instagrams because they enjoy it and they have pictures to share about what they love? Sure if I get a couple of sales or clients from it, then great. But isn’t there more to Instagram than that? A sense of community? A place to share? A creative playground?

Another thing mentioned recently was the Followers Vs. Following ratio. For anyone who doesn’t know, this is the ratio of your followers to people you follow. Apparently some people like to try to keep this in balance with one another.

Mine is astronomically unbalanced. And here’s why – I follow people whose work I find inspiring & that I want to see more of.

Simple as. If you are a creative and you follow me or like some of my pictures, I will usually take the time to check out your feed. Not in the hope that you will follow me back, or like more pictures. But because I want to curate my Instagram feed with amazing work that spurs me on to create. I want my instagram feed to be a hub of creativity and amazing work that makes me feel like grabbing my pencil or brush and getting to designing. Because of this I follow a whole range of accounts, from interior design, to bakeries, coffee shops to other small creatives & household names in design.

Basically, I just find the whole idea that you need to watch how many people you’re following, or keep an eye on people unfollowing you so sad. If someone unfollows me, I presume this is not some trap I’ve been lead into because I followed them, but more because my feed isn’t for them. And that’s okay. I’d unfollow them if their feed was no longer for me. Likewise someone may follow me, I might check their account and not care for their feed – so I wouldn’t follow because I wouldn’t want their content in my feed.

What ever happened to following people whose content you like and throwing your stuff out there and hoping people will do the same? To me, following someone is me saying ‘hey, I like what you do – I want to see more’.

In short – Why don’t we all like photos we actually like, follow people we want to follow, have fun and stop stressing about the numbers! x

P.S Rant over 🙂

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