# Hashtag Authentic

I know I did a post specifically about podcasts a couple of weeks ago, but my listening list was as long as my arm and I still have plenty to get through.

I wanted to give a special mention my new joint favourite podcast (with how to curate your life, of course), hashtag authentic. This is created by Sara, of Me & Orla. Sara is a font of knowledge on all things Instagram and hosts the podcast, sometimes solo and sometimes with fellow creatives.

I think what I love about this podcast is really the variety in the episodes. I enjoy interviews with creatives, but I feel like these episodes have a variety of speakers & topics which keeps me interested from each episode to the next.

As with pretty much all podcasts I listen to, I dip in and out of Hashtag Authentic, too. There’s also a big difference between the length of episodes, which I enjoy because I can pick one for my attention span at that given moment. And I can I enjoy it because I usually start with the shorter ones and then end up listening to longer episodes and before I know it I’ve been listening for hours!

The podcast has also lead me to Sara’s blog, which again is full of useful, informative articles and interesting ideas. Basically, I’m so in love with this podcast & blog combo I needed to give it it’s own shout out!


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