3 Amazing Podcasts for Female Creatives

Although I definitely hit the snooze button on pretty much all creative and business ventures whilst on holiday (oops – but who can blame me?!), I have racked up a hefty podcast list. I am still working my way through, but thought I would give a shout out to a few I’ve already been appreciating.

  1. What she said – I’ve really been enjoying this podcast, in which Lucy discusses different aspects of blogging and creative business with other like-minded females. I’ve treated this podcast series as a bit of pick and mix and dipped into episodes I liked the sound of. I’ve found them really helpful and having had a quick browse through the blog I’d recommend that too. Episodes I picked were; With Ellie Quinn, ‘Growing your instagram authentically’ & ‘Building a freelance career with Charlie Swift’.
  2. How to curate your life – I’m sure I’ve raved about this already, but LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast. In fact, this is the podcast that got me into podcasts (other than The Joe Rogan Experience, which is another matter and all thanks to my husband.) Lizzie has such a lovely way with people and the conversations feel natural and flowing. With a wide range of experiences, there are loads to take from these episodes and I listened to the series in order.
  3. The Lifestyle Edit – In a similar vein to the above, Naomi Mdudu interviews a series of different female entrepreneurs. Interesting success stories and lots of anecdotal lessons to be learnt make each episode different. I’ve pretty much listened to the series in turn, but if you’re just getting into podcasts maybe pick a name you recognise to start with.

I will update with any more podcasts I fall in love with (as I say the list is full) so I’m sure there will be more!

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