5 Ways with Place Names

The humble place name has come a long way and it’s the small details like well designed place names that guests will cherish and will bring your wedding together.

I’ve seen a lot of really interesting place names and they won’t all be right for your wedding. But there’s so much out there and ways of using them that I thought I’d show you some of the best ideas I’ve found. And of course, there’s a Pinterest board!

  1. Watercolour washes – super simple. I love this way of integrating your colour scheme into your table settings. If you have neat hand-writing and your handy with a paintbrush you could even give these a go yourself. Or try using stamps to make your guest’s names if your hands aren’t too steady.
  2. Tags! Tags are a great way to integrate your place names in with your favours. Have little jars of sweets with knotted-string place names for a rustic wedding. Or tie ribboned tags around alcohol miniatures.
  3. Pebbles or shells – these look amazing for a beach wedding. Perfect for smaller weddings abroad, which are super intimate and all about the details. Get a calligraphy specialist to write the names on for you – it’s not an easy task! Capri shells work really well for destination weddings. Be mindful that this is a pricier option, so unless you can get a deal it wouldn’t be cost effective for a large wedding.
  4. Agate slices – Perfect for adding to your colour palette. Again a pricier option, so good for smaller weddings to be cost effective. With agate slices ranging in a rainbow of colours and also natural beiges. They can be bought online, but get a specialist calligrapher to write on them as it’s pretty difficult!
  5. Floral accents – I love flowers being incorporated into place names! Whether you have calligraphy on leaves, handmade paper with botanicals inside, little vases with cut stems or tie your place name tag to a little sprig of flowers. Flowers give a feeling of luxury, tie your wedding together and of course compliment your wedding colour scheme. So for me, their an all-round winner.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board on Place Names for great inspiration!

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