Ultraviolet – How to work the colour of the year into your wedding

In comparison to previous years’ tones of ‘greenery’ & the complimentary combo of ‘rose quartz’ & ‘serenity’ it’s easy to see why some people were startled by ‘ultraviolet’. 2014 was the last year we saw a bright pop of colour, but ‘radiant orchid’ was much more magenta and I think the pink undertones made it easy for people to work with. For most it’s the ULTRA part of the ultraviolet they struggle with – especially when it comes to weddings.

Thinking of most wedding colour palettes, they’re usually muted & pastel tones. Sometimes a bride opts for a vibrant pop of fuchsia, or occasionally an Autumnal orange – but more often than not it’s the more subtle shades we work with.

Although I agree it can be scary adding a super bright colour into your big day – especially purple which people seem to have mixed opinions on, as a stationer, I was excited about the challenge.

Stationery is the perfect way to introduce your colour scheme to your guests – after all, it’s the first little glimpse of your wedding they see! I’ve made a couple of collections in this year’s hottest colour and I’ve found it works really well with grey tones or by keeping it super simple and pairing with white/cream.

Our simple watercolour invitation has a subtle hint of purple wash and is great for a glimpse of ultraviolet. They look beautiful in purple envelopes with white modern calligraphy. These offer a hint of ultraviolet, but in the most elegant way.

The ultraviolet floral collection is for the bride really wanting to make a statement this year. Bold ultraviolet tones pair with greys for a look that’s feminine, yet confident. These invitations work well with either purple or grey envelopes and for on the day, our torn paper place names in ultraviolet are perfect.

Place names are a great way to tie your theme colour in with the rest of your wedding on the day. For a more subtle purple shade, our watercolour place names our perfect. Custom made for each customer, the intensity of the colour can be altered to suit your scheme. These place names carry metallic calligraphy beautifully and so are the perfect choice if you’re adding subtle hints of ultraviolet with metallic tones.

For the more daring of you, we have our ultraviolet place names. These are bold torn paper place names, with modern calligraphy in white, black or gold. Paired with simple coloured table decor, they add a bright pop off colour.

For more Ultraviolet wedding inspiration, I’d recommend you check out my Pinterest board. I’m loving the use of the colour in favours & cocktails. And of course flowers are a great way to use the colour too!

Website: www.invitationsillustrated.co.uk

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/invitationsillu/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/invitationsillustrated/

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