Ultraviolet – How to work the colour of the year into your wedding

This colour has got people in a right spin! In comparison to previous years’ tones of ‘greenery’ & the complimentary combo of ‘rose quartz’ & ‘serenity’ it’s easy to see why. 2014 was the last year we saw a bright pop of colour, but ‘radiant orchid’ was much more magenta and I think the pink undertones made it easy for people to work with. For most it’s the ULTRA part of the ultraviolet they struggle with – especially when it comes to weddings.

Thinking of most wedding colour palettes, they’re usually muted & pastel tones. Sometimes a bride opts for a vibrant pop of fuchsia, or occasionally an Autumnal orange – but more often than not it’s the more subtle shades we work with.

Although I agree it can be scary adding a super bright colour into your big day – especially purple which people seem to have mixed opinions on. However as a stationer, I was excited about the challenge.

Dare I say it – I think I love ultraviolet! I’ve made a couple of collections in this year’s hottest colour. I’ve found it works really well with grey tones or by keeping it super simple and pairing with white/cream.

I had a lot of fun creating an inspirational Pinterest board all about Ultraviolet wedding inspiration. I’m loving the use of the colour in favours & cocktails. And of course flowers are a great way to use the colour!

Here’s some pictures of my latest collections in the ultraviolet trend – for more inspo check out our Pinterest board. And if you’re planning an ultraviolet wedding – please get in touch with pictures of how you’ve incorporated the colour, I’d love to see.

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