Creative Business Workshop

I attended the Creative Business Workshop at Haarlem Mill in Derbyshire. Deb from Fabulous places hosted the event with appearances from Darwin & Gray, Joy Interiors & Miss Sammie Designs.

Haarlem Mill was a beautiful venue! I’ve since seen photographs of the Mill set up for a Wedding & it’s absolutely stunning!

There was coffee & tea on arrival (praise the lord after a journey on A roads, noticeably lacking a Starbucks). We got a little set of goodies too – a tote bag, some sweets, a button pin & some leaflets. Pretty much everyone instantly started taking flat lay shots.

There was something so nice about being in a room full of creatives & especially an all female attendance. Each of the speakers did a talk about their journey which was really interesting – I love hearing how other people started out and what they’ve been through. Nicky from Joy interiors focused on Instagram and the use of this in growing your business. Following lunch Sammie from Miss Sammie Designs did a talk specifically on branding which was really useful and included lots of helpful apps and tips on branding.

Following Nicky’s Instagram talk, we were invited to walk around the mill talking shots of props around & some pre-arranged flat lays. This was great for inspiration and using props to think of the box and place different items together. My favourite was plant bookcase which I placed Darwin & Gray’s banner onto and got some great shots. The flat lays were also really good for inspiration, as well as the Mill itself having beautiful areas for shots.

Lunch deserves a special mention – amazing! Little sandwiches, savoury scone halves with cream cheese, savoury muffin halves with egg, sweet scone halves with jam & cream & amazing brownies. I was unashamed at having 2 scone halves and 2 brownies, because they were just that good! It was also a good chance to mingle with other creatives & take in the bar area of the Mill.

Overall it was a really good day and I would recommend the workshop to anyone in the early stages of their creative business or maybe looking to give their business a bit of a boost. In terms of development points I would have maybe liked a bit more coverage on goal setting & maybe on dealing with confidence issues when starting out.

I think I’d definitely book on again to a similar workshop or on the Creative Business Workshop next year. It was great opportunity to meet other makers and gain loads of inspiration.

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