Etsy Boost Workshop

Oh hey there! It is all go in my studio at the minute after a full day yesterday drawing and painting for new designs. I’ve spent a good few hours today piecing together designs for spring/summer 2018.

In preparation for the new year I booked a couple of workshops for January – VERY sadly, the creative business workshop has been cancelled (WAH!). Really gutted! Deb from fabulous places is hoping to reschedule so I will hopefully be able to attend if so!

On Thursday however I did attend the Etsy Boost workshop at the Willow Tree with Amber!

First thing to be said is how adorable the willow tree is – totally want to go for afternoon tea (and at just £12 a person, why not!?). The design collections in there are carefully curated to work together and I love how amber colour co-ordinates the displays. Absolute visual dream. The kind of patterns and designs are kept here that make you feel things.

As for the workshop itself, I loved how intimate it was. I was one of 5 attendees so there was lots of opportunity to ask questions and clarification without feeling awkward or overwhelmed. We introduced ourselves at the start which was great for understanding where we all were in our Etsy journey & also getting to know each other.

Amber was very knowledgable on the subject and shared loads of tips and tricks. There were little exercises for us to complete & sheets to take away. But mostly it was an open conversation between Amber and the attendees and there was a really nice, relaxed feeling to the evening.

I discovered, with Amber’s help that there’s actually a lot of features on Etsy that I either didn’t know about, or am not using to their full function. And it was also really reassuring to know I am doing some things right as an Etsy newbie!

I’m looking forward to the next time I get to visit the willow tree and hopefully I’ll be able to treat myself to a little something (and a slice of cake). Would definitely recommend Amber’s workshops and the Willow Tree itself – she is running loads of handy workshops as well as women in business & networking nights. I got a real sense from Amber that she believes in women in business supporting each other and sticking together – who can argue with that?!

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