Well hey 2018!

First blog post of 2018! And it’s not so much a blog post as a bit of an external collection of thoughts and ideas and feelings.

New year is always such a weird time with all the ‘new year, new me’ (bullshit). I’ve always found it a really odd time of year, but this year there is something else coupled with the oddity – excitement!

Having left my job in November, it’s my first new year being freelance and it’s a strange and exciting prospect. I’d given myself until the new year to see how my business went, but after a flurry of unexpected (and very welcome) Christmas orders it didn’t seem like a fair judgement to base the rest of the year off. Especially as Christmas was a few small orders and my business is mainly wedding focused which would be fewer, but slightly larger orders.

So at the minute I’m finding myself stuck in sort of the opposite of a creative block, where I’m feeling SO inspired and overwhelmed with possibilities and ‘goal planning’ that I feel stuck because I don’t know what thing exactly I want to dive into first! (If anyone has a name for this, or has tips for fixing it, please let me know!)

I’ve made some attempts to turn this overwhelming excitement into something productive. I’ve booked onto two courses I’m really excited about;

Etsy boost workshop – in Cheltenham. I’m hoping this will give me some great tips for ensuring my listings are doing themselves justice and in turn hopefully boost sales (always a bonus).

Creative Business Workshop – in Derby. As a fan of ‘fabulous places’ and deb herself, I jumped at the chance to go to this workshop when I saw it on her Instagram stories. Promising to focus on business planning and goal setting, it sounded like just the structure my 2018 needed.

Of course I’ll do a blog post on each, as always! You know I love a workshop…

I’ll leave you with this idea -one of my closest friends doesn’t have resolutions but chooses 2 words at the start of the year to live by. Last year I chose courage & passion.

This year is confidence & creativity.

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