Brush Lettering Workshop with The Lovely Drawer

I ventured out to the big smoke on Saturday for a luxe, festive, brush lettering workshop with Teri from The Lovely Drawer.

It was the priciest workshop I’ve completed by far at £68 for 2 hours. I did choose the ‘luxe’ class option over the regular class, which promises to have no more than 6 attendees per session. As the regular class was £60 anyway, I felt it was worth it for an extra £8. I also booked the class a long time ago after searching far and wide for a Midlands based session (pre-discovery of Miss Sammie Designs).

Having said that, the class was well worth the money and I really enjoyed the session. I feel like other classes I’ve been to have talked a little of theory and then have talked through practice exercises, then alphabet, before letting you loose on cards/tags etc. What I really liked about this workshop was that Teri completed the exercises first, whilst we watched and talked through the techniques for each one. This was really beneficial, I felt especially for me as someone who wasn’t a complete beginner but was there to hone my skills. It gave me more of an understanding about technique as well as stylistic and formatting choices.

I also really liked that Teri had her own alphabet too and a couple of different styles to play around with. These were also different to the alphabets Sammie provided as style inspiration so, combined I’ve got a bank of lettering to try out.

If I was pulling comparisons between the two I’d say that Sammie’s workshop would be more suited to a novice letterer and Teri’s would probably be better for someone who at least has attempted a bit at home or is looking to hone their technique. Both workshops gave excellent coverage of theory & people enjoyed them. Both also gave ink, brushes & cards/tags to either adorn in class or DIY at home.

The only criticism I have of this workshop is that a hot drink and a biscuit wouldn’t have gone a miss! It is the only workshop I’ve been to where there were no refreshments provided at all (but it was London & perhaps I felt this more after a 90 minute train journey & sprint from the tube station). (Also – is this more of a Midlands/Northern thing?! I just feel like I need a hot beverage almost hourly…)

On the flip side, the work space & location were AMAZING. WOW. So Smug is my new favourite place. It was full of inspiration (hello Lizzie Evans’ podcast, How to Curate Your Life), it’s basically an amazing space with thoughtfully curated work from designers & the workshop space was perfect. The surrounding area in Islington & especially Camden passage was amazing. Well worth a visit for anyone interested in deign & supporting small businesses. Just 2 stops on the Northern line from Euston to Angel, a small cup of overpriced coffee & you could mooch for hours!

My work at the end of the session

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