Winter Florals Workshop

Another weekend, another workshop! I visited the Derbyshire Christmas Market at the roundhouse in Derby, where I also attended a Winter Florals workshop hosted by The Greenery.

It was a great workshop in which we made twig stars and then secured little bunches of winter florals to the frame. The presenter was really knowledgable about the subject and the space was very good for the class. I slightly wish there had been more of some of the florals though as it was a bit of a free for all and so some ran out almost immediately.

However, I did still manage to secure a decent selection and managed to create a few nice bunches to add to my frame.

I’m quite proud of the end result and they make a great alternative to wreaths to hang on the door. I decided to view the market after the class and over heard lots of people complimenting my star effort – which I’m really pleased about! I think I’ll add some fresh poinsettia to mine (maybe replace some more of the dying foliage and give it to my mom at Christmas.

The market itself was really enjoyable, lots of friendly and talented stall holders. I bought cakes and cookie dough from Ruby Lou’s Treat Co. which were delicious, I scoffed the Biscoff on the way home it was so good! I also got a few Christmas ornaments from different stalls and a liquor selection for my parents (I had samples, they were amazing). Of course I also got a bunch of flowers from the greenery – the were in Bunty the flower truck and I loved everything on it!

I would recommend the market for anyone thinking of going next year – but advise to go later in the day. For a solo market goer, it was too much before the workshop (2-2:30pm) however was spacious afterward. The only downside being that some things had sold out!

And if you follow my blog, you’ll know I love a good workshop, but I do really recommend anything the greenery does – very talented and friendly people! One final note is also it was a reasonable £30 or £40 for about an hour and a half and the star I came away with, along with the experience was well worth it!.

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