Brush lettering workshop

On Saturday I did a brush lettering workshop with Sammie from Miss Sammie Designs in beautiful Derbyshire. We were in the gorgeous Grey Goose Interiors.

The workshop took us through basic strokes, then then someoopular fonts. I’ve dabbled with s bit of brush lettering before, but have recently decided to enrol on a couple of workshops to hone my skills. (A.K.A find out if I’m actually doing it right!).

The or shop was intimate with only 5 attendees including myself, but I think any more than six would have been a squeeze! After practicing the alphabets in different fonts, we were let loose on some Christmassy words! Sammy also gave us some cards to either let loose on in the workshop, or take home. I’ve opted to take mine home and think of a design to give to someone (very possibly including some metallics in there somewhere).

Sammy was really friendly and personable and full of knowledge. I really enjoyed the workshop and although I was initially sad I’d missed out on the ones at the Christmas market, I’m actually really glad I took the time out to drive through the beautiful Derbyshire countryside and take a more private class.


This weekend – winter florals workshop at the Derby Christmas market!!

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