My working process

Thought I’d share with you a little about my working process for a project I’m currently working on for a lovely bride. A recent blog post was my initial drawings and sketches for this bride – who loves anemones!

The next stage in my process is to scan these images on to my laptop. This means I’ve got electronic copies and can start mixing my different drawings and fonts together to see what works.


After that I make an envelope for my bride & keep all of the original drawings in there. This means I can always rescan them if I need to, or even just refer back to them to remind myself of my original ideas. Plus it’s an attempt to keep everything tidy in my manic studio!


And then the fun can really begin! I Use photoshop to snip bits out of my drawings and drop them into a layout design. Doing this I can alter the colours and move things around as I like. I’ll then consult with the bride and mix and match what she likes! Here’s a sneak peek…



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